Newtonian quantum gravity and the binary quantum model

 Physics needs a fundamental change...

...because Einstein's relativity isn't conclusive:

An experiment that is able to distinguish between a relativistic and a simple relative behavior of a physical process needs at least three systems that have to be compared, which has not been realized by experiments. Then contradictions between Einstein's Relativity and reality would arise, as in this case it is evident that it is impossible for one system to be able to transmit different "time" signals of one clock (moving at a certain velocity and positioned in a certain graviational potential) to the other systems "at the same time". 

 ...and inter alia Einstein's explanation of the inertial mass increase contradicts the "principle of energy conservation." 

My motivation

A simple understanding of physics, which is based on logical aspects and not just on mathematical formalism. Einstein’s relativistic physics that postulates that one can influence the inertial mass of matter or the speed of physical processes (“time”) by observing another inertial frame is actually ridiculous. Because the relativistic mathematical approach of relativistic physics enables us to get usefully and numerally precise results of in nature observable phenomena, relativistic physics is nevertheless generally accepted today. This can only be explained in such a way that most physicists subordinate their logical reasoning to their mathematical formalism. 

A pardigm shift takes place in physics

Simplification brings physics back from a subjective  mathematical pseudoreality to objective reality.

Quantum mechanics postulates that quantum objects are already influenced by the pureintention of researchers to examine a certain quantum phenomenon, that quantum phenomenonhave no defined status, until they are measured, that quantum objects being observed byresearchers can change afterward what has already happened to another quantum object before, and that particles can have opposite spins at the same time. Although these imaginations aremathematically well founded, they seem to be quite mystical. At least three unrecognized (orignored) experimental falsifications of fundamental postulates of quantum mechanics arevpresented.