Einstein's relativity violates the constancy of the speed c of light!


Einstein's special and general relativity base on a calculation error of Michelson and Morley that was ovelooked by Einstein and generations of physicists.

Absurd relativity


SR needs different speeds of light in the horizontal arm of the Michelson-Morley interferometer to “explain” a constant speed of light in all inertial frames. To obtain equal speeds from the two different speeds of light (c - v) = [(1 – v/c) x c] and (c + v) =[(1 + v/c) x c] Einstein mathematically accelerates the speed of the photons in the direction of Earth’s motion around the Sun from [(1 – v/c) x c] to [(1-v²/c²) x c] and in the opposite direction Einstein decelerates the speed of the photons from [(1 + v/c) x c] to [(1-v²/c²) x c]. Besides the fact that light cannot be accelerated or decelerated, a change of the speed of the photons in the inertial frame of the Sun would also change the speed c of photons on Earth because in both inertial frames the photons always move in horizontal light path of the Michelson-Morley interferometer in the same direction. SR contradicts its own postulates: 1. SR contradicts the constant speed c of light on Earth 2. SR contradicts the constant speed c of light in all inertial frames, respectively in all frames of reference. 2. SR contradicts the principle of relativity. Einstein transformed photons into particles that are allowed to violate logical and physical laws but are not allowed to interact with gravity, so that they have to follow curved world lines. However, giving up logical and physical laws because of precise predictions of a physical theory means arguing pseudo-scientifically. 

A pardigm shift takes place in physics

Simplification brings physics back from a subjective  mathematical pseudoreality to objective reality.

Quantum mechanics postulates that quantum objects are already influenced by the pureintention of researchers to examine a certain quantum phenomenon, that quantum phenomenonhave no defined status, until they are measured, that quantum objects being observed byresearchers can change afterward what has already happened to another quantum object before, and that particles can have opposite spins at the same time. Although these imaginations aremathematically well founded, they seem to be quite mystical. At least three unrecognized (orignored) experimental falsifications of fundamental postulates of quantum mechanics arevpresented.